Blocked Sewer Drains

Blocked sewer drains can usually be characterized by a ‘glugging’ sound. This can come from your sink, toilet or shower and is usually as the result of your recently-flushed water repositioning the trapped air in the drainage system – the glugging comes when the trapped air pushes up.

But have no fear. The experts at Brisbane Blocked Drains are here to help! We want to provide you with cost-effective long-term solution to any blocked drain problems. As a family business, we rely on word of mouth from our customers so your satisfaction is our priority.

We use a range of advanced technologies to diagnose any problems with your drain, assess the situation and come up with a solution. Because we have Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to get right inside your pipe, and to see the cause of the problem. This definitely saves money as it gives you valuable knowledge on the condition of your drains and sewers. Then, should a blockage be identified, we employ various methods to break up the blockage and clean out your pipe. Brisbane Blocked Drains are here to help you.

When a blocked drain happens all you can do is call a local Brisbane Blocked Drain Plumber. We will come out and diagnose what type of blocked drain you are experiencing. These can vary from small and easy, to large and complex. The most common blocked drain problems are:

    • Tree Roots
    • Foreign Objects
    • Breakages
    • Pipe Collapses
    • Soil Settlement

Older style homes will experience blocked drains a lot more than newer homes. This is due to the types of piping used when the home was being built. Older homes utilised clay piping which is more prone to flaking which catches the particles flowing through it and causing a blockage.